B.D.I. Basic Driver Improvement

B.D.I. Basic Driver Improvement

This class is for those who have received tickets for moving violations, and do not want the points to appear on their driving record. We offer the State-approved course B.D.I. (Basic Driver Improvement) & T.C.A.C. (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course - court ordered).

If you are able, we suggest you take this course in a classroom setting. This is an interactive setting were you will learn more from the instructor and your peers.

All classes are approved by the State of Florida and taught by certified instructors. A certificate will be issued to you, so you can present it to the clerk of the court in the county where you received your ticket. This will insure that the points for your ticket do not appear on your driving record. Please Note: "You may elect this course up to 5 times in a lifetime, but only once in any 12 month period."

Elected Course
Insurance Discount Certificate

Other reasons for taking the 4 hour course:

Business and Industry
Court Ordered
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Englewood Area:
Englewood Home Office
406 N. Indiana Ave. #10
Englewood, FL 34223

4 Hour Class-Online: $34.95

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When the next screen appears, choose the appropriate reason for taking the class, and then fill in the registration form to continue.

Please note: When choosing the appropriate reason be sure to click on "Learn More" and read all the information. This section explains everything you need to know including information on your completion certificate.

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