High School Drivers Education Programs

General Information

Click on the school of your choice to view the courses available. All courses provide a certificate of completion which can assist in insurance discount (check with your insurance carrier).

The Sarasota County School Board offers Driver's Education to all registered High School students in Sarasota County. They offer noncredit and credit courses. The courses are offered in the fall, spring and summer. Check your school for more information or go to the Sarasota County School Board's website at www.SarasotaCountySchools.net.

 The Charlotte County School Board offers Driver Education to all Charlotte County registered High School Students in Charlotte County. The courses are held at all three Charlotte County High Schools and is offered in the fall, spring and summer. Click on the school you would like to attend for more information.

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We also offer the Four Hour class (D.A.T.E.) required by the State of Florida in order to test for your Learner's License.

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