A.D.I. Advanced Driver Improvement

This class is for those who have received tickets for moving violations, and do not want the points to appear on their driving record. We offer the State-approved course B.D.I. (Basic Driver Improvement) & T.C.A.C. (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course - court ordered).

This course may be Court Ordered under the Habitual Traffic Offender or points guidelines of the Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and is led by a trained A.D.I. facilitator.

Does this apply to you?
•You have multiple traffic offenses?
•Your license is suspended/revoked?
• Your third traffic crash within 36 months?

ADI Class Schedule Information

  • A.D.I. Classroom and Registration Info

    Payment in advance by (1) cash (2) money order (3) check or (4) Mastercard/Visa.
    All advance payments are due by 4:00 PM the day before the class.
    To prepay by credit card call our office (941) 474-5125
    If you pay in advance and do not come to class there will be a $6.00 rescheduling fee.
    If you pay at the door, you will pay $40.00 by either cash or money order.

  • What to bring

    Your driver's license
    Ticket or citation information
    And a writing pen

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12 Hour Class-Online: $99.00

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For Assistance Please Call: 941-474-5125

Or Email: aults@verizon.net